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With access to Kluwer IP Law you can navigate the increasingly global practice of IP law with specialized, local and cross-border information and tools

The improved platform enables you to quickly access the most comprehensive collection of insights and tools. Enabling you to make faster, more informed decisions, and respond to applications in a timely manner or to make urgent applications. Insight and analysis from leading experts help you to understand the implications for your clients, supporting your strategic and tactical decision-making.

IP Analytics

Available as a Wolters Kluwer subscription

ktMINE Helps Corporations Develop IP Strategies, Understand IP Value and Mitigate IP

Professionals responsible for strategy, competitive intelligence, licensing, transactions, M&A, and litigation leverage ktMINE to streamline the research process by minimizing research time and maximizing the ability to quickly analyze a broad range of authoritative data. Delivered in real-time.

ktMINE's intuitive search functionality, insightful reports, and powerful analytics enable better informed decisions. The extensive, connected IP datasets include:

  • License agreements
  • Royalty rates
  • Patents & assignments
  • U.S. trademarks & assignments
  • M&A deals & rumours
  • IP Connections
  • U.S. patent court cases
  • IP News

Through connected datasets, ktMINE provides trend data visualizations and transaction structures that aid in IP strategy development, valuation, and risk mitigation. Built directly into the search process, analytics are responsive with one-click filters for flexible analysis and link to the source data for credible reporting.

Reports available on demand exclusively via Wolters Kluwer

Cipher revolutionises IP business intelligence by applying cutting-edge data science to the worlds leading sources of patent-related data. Cipher reports use AI and machine learning to show insight into complex technology landscapes.

Cipher Reports enable you to:

  • Identify and organise what a company owns
  • Compare that portfolio with up to 10 other companies
  • Access detailed analytics
  • Collaborate or share with colleagues
  • Export analysis and underlying patent data

Using the latest in artificial intelligence, Cipher Reports provide customisable analytics to support projects in the core areas of IP research:

  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Due Diligence
  • Risk and Litigation
  • Cost Management

Manual of Industrial Property ("Brown Book")

For more than 90 years, this reliable source explains the procedures and laws involved in filing applications for a patent, trademark or designs in over 230 jurisdictions

  • Delivers detailed information on the filing requirements for patents, trademarks, industrial designs and utility models in over 230 countries
  • Allows quick access to information relating to multiple jurisdictions and topics through Smart Charts™ functionality
  • Our News Alert service keeps you informed with the latest Intellectual Property developments, including new laws and changing regulations relevant to you
  • Edited by prominent IP law firms, Arnold & Siedsma & PotterIP
  • Provides the full text of key conventions, treaties and agreements, including the European Patent Convention and its implementing regulations

Patent & Designs

Kluwer IP Law’s unique focus on Patent and Design law offers on-demand information, covering:

  • Prosecution
  • Litigation
  • Licensing

A Customer View

“You might have more case law than the other party and that might make the difference between a win or a loss”

Fenna Douwenga


Since its first edition in 1994 The Annotated European Patent Convention by Derk Visser has provided the European patent community with the necessary insights to practise successfully before the European Patent Office.

  • Best-selling Article-by-Article commentary with expert guidance on the interpretation of each paragraph
  • Updated at least 2 times per year
  • By authority Derk Visser

In addition, the Visser’s EPC Smart Charts tool will guide you per topic to the relevant article, case law and commentary.

  • Covers commentary from The Annotated European Patent Convention and Case Law of the Board of Appeal of the European Patent Office
  • Updated at least 2 times per year
  • Includes useful links to the EPO website

The Annotated European Patent Convention by Derk Visser has been essential to me from my outset at the EPO. I would say it gave me an understanding of the EPC for which I am forever grateful

John Beatty Director, Patent Procedures Management in the EPO


Companies in the pharmaceutical industry will access a wide range of information focused on their industry sector: patent system, licensing contracts, pharmaceutical regulatory law, trade secrets and more.

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Companies in the chemical industry will access a wide range of information focused on their industry sector: patent system, licensing contracts, trade secrets and more.

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Thought Leadership

“The Trades Secret Directive is going to create a kind of a new intellectual property right which will be a very powerful tool for companies”

Wouter Pors

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